How Long Has It Been?  Let's Reconnect!



    from Portland, Oregon

    There are places that get under your skin and go to your core.  Then again, sometimes you get under the place's skin and go to its core first.  So it was, when I worked as a cave tour guide at the Oregon Caves National Monument: The Marble Halls of Oregon.  Certified by the National Park Service, I led tours through this gem, spelunked the forbidden, hiked the Kalmiopsis Wilderness, swam the Rough and Ready, and cheered the Blazers from atop the Siskiyous.

    It was inevitable, with so much Oregon dirt on me and my last name, that I'd dig a career in real estate here.  Through market cycles as high as Hood and as deep as Crater, we share title, a freehold, in each other. Thank you!